AVP LABORATORY LLP founded by passionate philanthropist Mr.Atul Sanghvi & team who are firm believer in natural care and ayurceuticals. We are a group of Nano-Bio-Oncophyto scientists advised by Oncologists as well as Ayurved vaidyas. We are the first to develop Scientificaly researched and Optimized Nano Curcumin based Ayurceutic specially for advanced integrative cancer care. We are committed for high quality products


We are inspired by the ancient ayurvedic knowledge of turmeric extract and at the same time shortcomings of Curcumin. We deployed nanoscience methods to realize its true therapeutic potential for Cancer patients. We are highly concerned about the treatment methodology of cancer in now a days. We are looking for to make people aware about strength of natural product which may play a vital role in their Health care


We have embarked on a mission to formulate and optimise shortcomings of curcumin into ayurceutica adjuvant to complement the standard of care in order to improve the survival rates, relapse prevention and quality of life by reducing the side effects of cancer treatments